Thursday, 26 October 2006

A very inconvenient truth

Last weekend Lewes Cinema showed An Inconvenient Truth, the film by Al Gore that describes in graphic detail the crisis facing our planet, people and creatures. About 500 local people saw the film. Here’s the viewers’ (including some young ones’) response:
M: The acceleration of how things are heating up is terrifying. And I feel sorry for the polar bears [drowning].
G (her daughter): It was a bit confusing because of all the tables and facts. I was shocked. Afterwards I felt, ‘You need to make a difference.’
A: There was a really scary graph that showed that because of our carbon emissions we’re going to heat ourselves to death.
R: It was a powerful documentary. Yes, it was political but it needs to be political. Once I saw the statistics about what was happening in the Arctic and Antarctic I woke up. It was a very effective film.
T: I knew many of the facts but I was quite shocked because I’d never seen how fast the ice caps are melting.
A: It was very interesting and powerful and thought provoking. The message was that everyone can do something within their own everyday life. Also you have to make a commitment on a bigger scale.
It’s not a film I could say I enjoyed. Al Gore said that people tend to go from denial to despair. The middle choice is action. It’s a moral imperative, he said. We live in interesting times…

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