Friday, 30 May 2008

walking the talk

My friend Danny has bought a new pair of shoes. He traded his car in for them. His car was old and might not pass its next MOT without a lot of work. He was sick of the cost of running a car, and worried about where this is all going, so he wanted to go car free, anyway. But he needed his car for his day job as a carpenter. He was sick of doing up rich people’s houses who had more money than sense so he wants to change his line of work. What he really wants to do is retrain as a countryside conservationist at Plumpton. There’s a shortage of them, apparently, and we are going to need a whole lot of Earth Repair in the years to come. Anyway, Danny feels great being outside in nature. It makes him feel healthy and happy and connected. He’ll be doing a lot of walking about in this new line of work, he reckons.

Danny has always longed for a pair of shoes that would last half a lifetime, with mending, so he took the cash from selling his car to Cobblers at 73 North St, Lewes and bought himself a strong pair of working leather shoes.

This is what the transition looks like, step by step.

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