Friday, 18 July 2008


Last month I took the decision to let go of the last vestige of dependence on all supermarkets. Whew. It only took two years. Now I have to source my Guardians, booze and bulk yoghurt from other, local, shops. We go through huge quantities of yoghurt in our family, dolloping it on muesli, veggies and stews, mixed with fruit, honey, garlic or herbs. I’ve been wanting to make my own yoghurt for years and after a disheartening attempt in my 20s, had lost the nerve. Time to take the leap.

As ever, the Universe met me half way and as I stepped into Steamer Trading I encountered a display of a new yoghurt maker, the EasiYo. Developed in New Zealand, these babies don’t require fossil fuels and have no moving parts – great intermediate technology design. Disappointingly, but so bloody predictable in this stupid dependent society, you have to buy a packet of the EasiYo proprietary yoghurt mix (£1.75 to make 1litre). Adding water to the mix you put it in a thermos-like container with boiling water to keep it warm for 6-12 hours, depending on the consistency you want. The first two batches - organic and Greek – came out miraculously well and I accosted all our visitors with the marvel of thick, creamy, delicious – and smirkingly good for you - home-made yoghurt. But though having it packeted makes it easier to store, it costs too much, and it’s not wholefood, really. Tonight I take the next plunge: home made from scratch. According to the internet, you can DIY yoghurt with just milk and some kept aside yoghurt. I’ll keep you posted.

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