Monday, 10 November 2008

Burning Bush

Bonfire last night was for me a celebration of Obama's victory: change brought about through a democratic rather than the violent means being attempted by Guy Fawkes. I am still filled with sheer and total joy about the US election results. Perhaps it's because I'm an American citizen myself that I feel this is a defining moment in history. It's as though I've woken up from the extended nightmare that was George Bush. With Bush in power we've experienced as a world a disgusting growth in corporate and personal greed, war, cynical politics, degradation of our planet: the list is endless. Now I have hope for humanity. With a visionary, honest man leading the US, the rest of the world will no doubt be influenced. Brown and the likes surely won't be able to get away with the rot and deceit that Labour has created for so long. It's so tempting after so long to project that President Obama will be our savior. He has a huge challenge to help lead the world through the paradigm shift we face. He said as much in his wonderful acceptance speech. But he has so much intelligence and integrity, and I trust that although he won't have all the answers, he'll bring us all together to find them. For the first time in two years I now have hope for humanity.

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