Thursday, 26 February 2009

the art of allowing

I’m starting to really understand the fruitlessness of opposing things we don’t like, since giving attention and energy to such things just feeds them more. You can observe that in most politics, which is so ineffective since it’s vested in opposition and criticism. Compare that to the fruitfulness of creating better scenarios, especially at a grassroots level, and the choice seems obvious. This has been the energy of my choice in the last decade, and by allowing this creative partnership with Source, let’s call it, I helped bring into being Lewes New School and Transition Town Lewes. Yet underneath there has always been the shadow of what I thought I was working against. The state educational system at first, and later the destruction of creation. Despair was never far from delight.

But now that I’m recovering from cancer and alcohol, I’m getting to see just how pernicious and indulgent such thoughts can be, and how they can create and perpetuate such diseases. I’m learning to give a nod in their direction and then move swiftly on to imagining a better situation. I’m getting a load of help from several powerful teachers – some of them local – and at the moment I’m particularly attracted to the Abraham-Hicks work, or The Law of Attraction.

There’s an extraordinary passage, which Dirk likes, in the Gospel of Mark quoting Jesus as saying, ‘All things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.’ And it’s like that. This work is also called the Art of Allowing, because it’s about making instinctive choices, or receiving guidance about how to be more in alignment with one’s true self. When I align myself with what makes me happy my vibrational level increases and allows me to attract healing and good fortune. Sounds new age? It is, and it’s also quite scientific in that it works (for me). It’s simply a matter of wholeheartedly focusing on what we do want rather than what we don’t want, or as Rumi puts it, ‘Let what you love be what you do’. And here’s a nifty YouTube video to illustrate that.

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Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Thank you for sharing this video with us, truly thought provoking.